New leather color for the holidays! 2022 Oxblood Guitar Straps

Our Original Glove Leather strap is a two-ply construction of supple glove leather and soft garment suede with double-ply end tabs. It is outlined with careful stitching in contrasting colors for a refined, and tailored look. Available in 3″ width, adjusts from 38″ to 56″

BurnWizard Custom Guitar Straps Gallery (2008 until now)

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American flag banner black leather camo Celtic color conchos cowboy boots cross deer deer skull dog engraving from photo flags floral guitar horseshoe hunter maple mountains nature navy outlaw paisley peace religious rose scrollwork skulls southwest Texas tree USA vine western white leather wizard woodland

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Smoky Mountains scenes adorn this Freehand engraved Leather Guitar Strap

The beauty of freehand engraving on leather is our ability to achieve a painterly quality to our designs – something you’ll never find in a laser-engraved image! The organic patterns and variety of line will remind you of the old days, when crafts were masterfully executed by hand.

Customize your own nature scene guitar strap with a completely open choice of scenery, creatures, and your name or initials in our shop!

We call this our “Fancy Scrollwork” Guitar Strap! Filigree inspired Patterns harken back to the Baroque Era


The scrollwork we most often see today in fancy metal engraving has its roots all the way back in ancient Greek art. These patterns continued to be popular in Medieval middle ages, where they graced the pages of books (or “illuminated manuscripts”). From the 1600s forward, you can see the patterns appear again in Baroque and Rococo crafts and textiles.

This type of scrollwork is based on plants. Looking closely, you can see the shapes of leaves and flowers unfurling inside the intricate curls. We want to capture these historical patterns in our elegant scrollwork guitar strap!

Customize your own own baroque scrollwork guitar strap with your name or initials in our shop!

The perfect complement to your beautiful instrument

Texas, the Lone Star State: Gold star conchos highlight your Name on this Custom guitar strap

The “Love 🖤 My State” guitar strap starts, first and foremost, with your state outline and flag. This version went all the way with color fag fill on both the back and front end caps.

The customer chose to add a little something extra around their name AND around the state outline. Sharp, black scrollwork patterns fill out the front end cap, and gold star conchos really make the name pop!

A great way to add extra dimension to your custom guitar strap is brass concho embellishments. Bright gold stars are a perfect option for a Texas themed strap, and other options are available on request.

Customize your own own “Love of Texas” guitar strap with your name or initials in our shop!

Hand-painted Camouflage Pattern initials on “Deer Hunter” Guitar strap

This version of “The Deer Hunter” guitar strap has the usual maple and oak leaf camo on the back end cap, and the customer decided to match their initials to that patterns! The request was a realistic tree and leaf camouflage inspired by Realtree, hand-engraved and hand-painted onto leather.

Continuing the forest motif, the strap body is filled with deer tracks and acorns.

Customize your own own “Deer Hunter” guitar strap with your name or initials in our shop!

How would this realistic camo pattern look filling the whole front or back end cap? We will try it next time!

The Big Flag Collection: Our Custom Flag Guitar Straps since 2008

BurnWizard Texas flag custom leather guitar strap

Represent yourself and your home on your guitar strap!

State Flags

“The Molina-caster” – We’ll even put your flag on a headstock!

Countries & Cultures

United States Flags

BurnWizard bass guitar American flag
BurnWizard USA flag bass guitar!