Nature Scene Guitar Strap



Soft, 2-ply leather strap adjusts from 38″ to 56″ (8″ extra extended tail available on request)
Default strap width 3″
(2.5″ available on request)

Nature lovers will enjoy this gift!

Woodland scenes, lake scenes, beach scenes – anything goes:

  • add birds (eagle, duck, turkey)
  • add animals (bear, moose, deer, wolf)
  • add trees (palm tree, fir, oak, dead trees)
  • add water (waves, ripples, fish)
  • add your name, band name, or initials and we’re good to go!

  • Personalize!

    Guitar strap width

    Extended adjustment tail

    Stitching outlines

    Name or initials

    Name / initials font style

    Custom font

    Let us know the specific name of the font you'd like

    Name / initials placement

    Please refer to strap diagram in product photos

    OPTIONAL! Measurement

    We want to make sure your design FITS on the front when the strap is worn! Please provide a measurement of the length between the shoulder and front guitar attachment. GIFT? We can approximate from a photo!

    Front end cap

    If you haven't placed initials on the front end cap, let us know what image, logo, or text you'd like here (if any)

    Upload custom front end cap image (if any)

    • (max file size 2 GB)

    *Main strap body design

    What would you like included in the nature scene?

    Upload custom artwork (if any)

    Would you like a specific nature scene engraved?

    • (max file size 2 GB)

    Back end cap

    Optional: Want to add a custom design, flag, or pattern?

    Upload custom back end cap image

    Would you like a custom state flag or another type of image?

    • (max file size 2 GB)

    Do you have a deadline?

    Please leave blank if you'd like your order delivered ASAP with no specific deadline

    You will receive an Email with a placement sketch to confirm your order within 48 hours